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Steamboat House, the Great Texas Steakhouse is also a great Texas history museum. The name “Steamboat House” is the name of Sam Houston’s last home in Huntsville, Texas. It is where Sam Houston lived the last months of his life, where he died, and where his funeral was held in July of 1863. Sam’s home, Steamboat House, has been restored and is in a small state park across the street from the main entrance to Sam Houston State University. Sam Houston’s Steamboat House was the inspiration for the Steamboat House restaurant and its architecture.

When you drive by the restaurant or drive into the parking lot you have to know that the Steamboat House restaurant is a very special place.  Located in our front parking lot is a white cement statue of Sam Houston standing on a limestone base.  Our statue of General Houston is a miniature of the famous statue of Sam Houston on the side of I45 just south of Huntsville, Texas.  Both statues are the work of artist/sculptor, David Adickes.  The statue in Huntsville is 67 feet without the base while ours is about 23 feet with the base.

Sam Houston paintingGeorge Washington painting inside Steamboat HouseDisplayed within the restaurant are large historic oil portraits of Sam Houston and George Washington that were painted for and used in the 1936 San Jacinto Centennial Celebration and Parade in downtown Houston.






Displayed in the main dining room are huge original paintings of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto painted for the restaurant by mural artist, Joe Garland Swinney.Battle of the Alamo paintingBattle of San Jacinto painting

Also in the main dining room is an impressive collection of historic replica flags. The flag collection includes the Six Flags over Texas as well as the flag of the Texas Navy, the battle flags, and flags of the volunteer groups who came to the aid of Texians in the quest for freedom.flags in inside Steamboat House

The displays in the hallways bring to life the story of Texas from Stephen F. Austin and the original 300 to the town of San Felipe de Austin and Washington-on-the-Brazos. Follow the capitols of the republic from Columbia to Houston to Waterloo; the town that became Austin, Texas. Learn about the Texas Declaration of Independence and the battles along with the heroes who made it all possible. Study heroes like Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Ben Milam, William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, David Crockett and others who together brought about the Republic of Texas. Study the events leading up to Texas becoming the 28th state of the United States. Various maps show the “new world” along with the early development and settlements that eventually became Texas.

The Hall Of History  The Hall Of History

The Hall Of History

Texas became a great state because of the great people who sacrificed and shaped this land first into an independent republic and then into the great state it is today. Today some Texans were born here and many of our current Texans chose to adopt Texas as their home. Either way we Texans have an obligation to make sure generations to come keep that special spirit that somehow makes all Texans proud of the great state of Texas. We hope that you learn a little more about our state each time you visit the Steamboat House.

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